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Nature of the Saimaa region is unique.

Pihlajavesi Natura-area is close by and if you are lucky you can see Saimaa seal "Norppa". Saimaa region is attracting active holiday in all seasons. In Sulkava there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities independently or guided tours. In our Saimaa Sunset Cottage Island there is around 200hectares of forest areas where you can hike.   

A trip to Pisamalahti hillfort takes you to one of Finland’s most magnificent Iron Age hillforts. When looking out over Lake Saimaa from the hillfort, one can easily imagine and sense the millennial history of the spot. The hill, rising up to a height of 55 metres above Lake Saimaa, only required fortified protection on its eastern edge, where the remains of the defences have been preserved for centuries. A marked pathway of 400 metres leads to hillfort from a parking lot. This destination is possible to reach with a boat as well. There is a camping harbour, a barbeque place and a toilet in area.

Finland's biggest rowing event - Sulkava Rowing Race

Saimaa Sunset Cottage is located in the Sulkava Rowing race route! Participate in the race or watch it in your own terrace!


The next rowing event, 55th Sulkava Rowing Race, will be organised in July 2023. Come and experience the Finnish summer and unique rowing atmosphere in the middle of beautiful surroundings!


Sulkava Rowing Race is Finland´s biggest rowing event which has gathered in its best years over 10 000 rowers and over 20.000 visitors. Within the race in most categories will be rowed a route of approximately 60 km or two days tour rowing race 70 km, though there will be two new routes: Hakovirta 20 km and Friday 4 km. Most of the routes take the rowers around the isle of Partalansaari where the rowers can enjoy the beautiful Finnish nature while competing.


During the weekend there are starts where rowers can participate in small boats, special boats and Sulkava long boats, in addition the Finnish Championship - starts will be rowed. There are four different categories which are: single rowers, bi-stroke rowers (one pair of oars and a paddle), couple rowers (two pairs of oars) and group rowers (special boats and Sulkava long boats). Nowadays canoes are too welcome!


Sulkava long boat crew consists of 14 rowers and a cox who paces them. Each rower has one oar and rows on a sliding bench. The cox also steers the boat and urges the rowers to their task. The event ends always on the second Sunday of July.


Hiking & Vilkaharju nature paths

Green Gold Hiking Routes are used by skiers in the winter and hikers in the summer. The routes go from the Sulkava sports hall through Tuonilahti, Saarilampi, and Kalajärvi to the neighbourhood of Kaskii, and from there to Juva. From Kukkomäki, that is, the gate of Jukola, the route continues towards Kuhakoski, turning to Kaipola, and from there to Rahkola and Tunnila, and further towards Rantasalmi. The routes are marked with safety codes.


The Vilkaharju nature path displays the awesome ridge scenery its fauna and flora, geology and history. Along the nature path there is one of the largest erratic boulders in Finland. The path has two parts. The length of part I is 3.1 km, and the length of part II is 3.6 km. Each part can be walked separately. There are tourist map guides along the paths. There is more information about the paths on the start board, located at the intersection to Hopeasaari in the parking area.



Juva-Sulkava canoeing route "Squirrel route". The total length of the great route suitable for canoeing with the family is 57 km. Two days should be reserved for the canoeing. The starting point of the route is at Juva Camping, and the end point is in Sulkava, at the boating centre Kulkemus. Naturally, it is possible to canoe only part of the route. The Squirrel route is Finland's first biologically studied water nature trail, marked in the terrain. Along the route there are rivers, small rapids, and lakes. A map printed on water-proof paper is available for the price of 5 euros, ask more at the tourist information, tel. +358 44 4175215. More info:

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